IPS: The Original Manufacturer of the IC4U

Our mission is to provide robust and affordable emergency communications solutions, built on experience gained from past disasters and input from the first responder community. We are the developer and manufacturer of the IC4U/AC3S, one of the most advanced and reliable mobile communications units available. Our IC4U/AC3S has played a key role in many of the National Guard's disaster relief efforts, including Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and, most recently, the California wildfires. Since 2005 the IC4U has been a participant in field exercises across the country, including the CA Golden Guardian 2005-2007 held each fall, Coalition Warriors Interoperability Demonstration (CWID) out of South Carolina in June and just completed Vigilant Guard. April 2008. Learn more about the IC4U/AC3S...

IPS is committed to working together with all government agencies and industry partners as one team to achieve interoperability across our country. We welcome the opportunity to meet all challenges that may arise on our journey into the future. Combined with our corporate associates, no challenges are too great or too small.

Photo courtesy of SGM. Sal Santangelo, CNG.
The IC4U awaiting deployment at the southern California wildfires, October 2007.

Photo courtesy of SGM. Sal Santangelo, CNG.
California National Guard (CNG) deployment at the southern California wildfires, October 2007.

IPS IC4U-II Upcoming Events

IPS News

  • Oct 29, 2012 At Paradise Point Resort, San Diego, CA:  IC4U-2 Product Demonstration at The Halo Summit, a multi-jurisdictional counterterrorism event that will educate and train the entire range of national security stakeholders, from government agencies and elite military special operations units to law enforcement and emergency responders. For more information visit http://www.thehalosummit.com


  • July 07, 2010: Members of the South Carolina Army and Air National Guard participated and taught classes on the Incident Command, Control and Communications Unit (IC4U) in Columbia June 29 to July 1, to demonstrate how communications equipment can integrate in the state during hurricane or emergency response.


  • October 21, 2008: At a Star-Tides demonstration in the Pentagon courtyard, the AC3S-G2 trailer demonstrated the crucial role that communications capabilities play in both military and civilian operations.
    Read more... (See paragraphs 11-18)

  • October 1, 2008: The IC4U® and AC3S® are now available under the GSA Advantage! Program. C otract number GS-35F-0538U

    GSA Advantage

  • July 24, 2008: From Hurricane Katrina to the California wildfires, the IC4U has proven to be one of the National Guard's most valuable tools. Read more...

  • June 30, 2008: The IC4U provides communications support during the ongoing battle against wildfires in northern California. Read more...

  • June 20, 2008: During Vigilant Guard 2008 in Nevada, the IC4U rebroadcast signals from the unmanned Predator reconnaissance aircraft to operations centers around the state, allowing maximum situational awareness with minimal risk to human life. Read more...(html)  or   PDF version

  • June 19, 2008: IPS to provide communications support for the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue at the Golden Phoenix exercise in San Diego county. Read more...(pdf)

  • June 11, 2008: IPS and Fortress Technologies will provide wireless communications solutions for the South Carolina National Guard. Fortress Secure Wireless Bridges will be installed into several IC4U, enabling voice, video, and data capabilities during emergency response or disaster recovery situations. The project will allow all responding units to use wireless communications – while in the vicinity of a wireless equipped armory – in a completely secure environment. Press release...   and   TMCnet Column...

  • April 10, 2008: IPS introduces the all-new, lightweight fiberglass inserts, the IC4U-II and AC3S-II! The IC4U-II and AC3S- II offer the same broad range of interoperability options as the IC4U and AC3S, in an even more versatile and mobile shell. Contact IPS for more information!

    Photo courtesy of S.C. National Guard.
    Photo by IPS.

    Photo by IPS.

    Photo by IPS.

  • November 7-9, 2007: The IC4U is recognized for its contributions in the fight against the southern California wildfires. National Guard brings communications to the fight...Below, U.S. Air Force SMSgt. Randy Chambers, of the Arkansas Air National Guard's 123rd Intelligence Squadron, decodes real-time full-motion video images coming from an Air National Guard RC-26 aircraft in flight as Ron Bollier, operations section chief for the Grass Valley Fire near Lake Arrowhead, Calif., talks with the aircraft's pilot and watches the images at the Snow Valley Mountain Resort in the San Bernadino National Forest northeast of Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 30, 2007, to glean information that will help firefighters battling the blaze. More than 2,700 National Guard Soldiers and Airmen are assisting civilian authorities tackling the Southern California wildfires. National Guard Eye in the Sky Wows Firefighters...

    Photo by SSG. Jim Greenhill, USA.
    The Air National Guard RC-26 transmitted live video feeds to the IC4U.

    Photo by SSG. Jim Greenhill, USA
    U.S. Air Force SMSgt. Randy Chambers, of the Arkansas Air National Guard's 123rd Intelligence Squadron, decodes real-time full-motion video.
    IC4U interior
    Photo by SSG. Jim Greenhill, USA.
    SGM. Sal Santangelo waits for a feed of live video inside the IC4U.
    The IC4U
    Photo courtesy of SGM. Sal Santangelo, CNG.
    The IC4U parked and awaiting video feeds at the southern California wildfires.

    Photo courtesy of California National Guard.
    At Qualcomm Stadium, the IC4U provides communications support during the California wildfires.

  • April 11, 2007: Lease to own plans are now available through IPS for the AC3S/IC4U! Our proven radio interoperability solution can be had now, with affordable monthly payments. Find out more...

  • January 10, 2007: IPS announced the newly completed third generation AC3S Ground Unit. The target application for the AC3S-G2 is to serve as an urban, mobile interoperability gateway (MIG) and rear-guard intelligence unit. The first generation, IC4U/AC3S, is a forward intelligence command, control and communication interoperability unit designed for National Guard and border surveillance. The second generation, AC3S, was designed as a civil forward intelligence command, control and communication interoperability unit for urban security and disaster management. Both the IC4U and AC3S were installed in MILSPEC, air-lift certified shelters to assure their deployment at the forward edge of a disaster to send live streaming video, coordinate and manage communications across disparate frequencies, and to establish communications across a satellite backhaul. All three units are self-contained and designed to operate for up to 48 hours without re-supply. Find out more...
    The AC3S-G2 trailer
    Photo by IPS.
    The AC3S-G2 trailer exterior.

    Photo by IPS.
    CERT team members monitor a live video feed inside the AC3S-G2.

    Photo by IPS.
    The AC3S-G2 participates in a wireless communications demo in Redwood City, CA.

    Photo by IPS.
    Communications equipment mounted on the AC3S-G2.